Human Rights

Ahwaz Human Rights Organization Submission to the UN

The towns and cities populated by the Ahwazi Arabs in Khuzestan continue to bear the scars of the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s where major cities of the province completely or partially destroyed and at least 12,000 Ahwazis died.2. Despite their commitment to Iran's territorial integrity, the Ahwazis have continued to be viewed with suspicion and hostility, by Tehran. This report will document how the Ahwazi Arabs have been subjected to a sustained program of land confiscation and 'ethnic restructuring' forced assimilation and 'Persianazation'. Ahwazis have faced not only social and economic discrimination (enduring hardship, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment at higher rates than the national average), but also a prolonged 'kulturkampf', waged against them by the Iranian regime.


Mass executions of mainly ethnic minority prisoners have been carried out without their families' knowledge

Almost two years after Iran's disputed presidential election, Iranian authorities continue to harass, arbitrarily detain, torture and imprison their citizens, as well as some of ours. Their targets include those who demand accountability from their government and who stand up for the rights of their fellow citizens; ethnic and religious minorities; journalists, bloggers and students. Unfortunately, the situation has only further deteriorated in the first months of 2011 as compared with last year.