Urgent Appeal-Ahwaz Human Rights Organization

 To Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations, World Leaders, Ms. Louise Arbour, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, General Secretaries of the Conference of Islamic States and the Arab League, International NGOs, UN  Special Rapporteurs, Head of U.S. Congress, the EU  Parliament and heads of the parliaments of other states.

We are writing to inform you of the possibility of imminent execution of 10 ethnic Arab-Iranians) (Ahwazi-Arabs) in Ahwaz, provincial capital of Khuzestan in southwestern Iran.
After the public hanging of Ali Afrawi (17) and Mehdi Nawaseri (20) in Ahwaz and seven other political prisoners inside prisons in March and April of this year, the Iranian regime is once again embarking on a new wave of executions of Ahwazi Arabs
Last month, Ahwaz Prosecutor-General Iraj Amirkhani, in an interview with Iranian official news agency ISNA, announced that 22 Ahwazi Arab political activists had been arrested and expected to be sentenced to death. These men, like the 10 named above, are also being tried in secret without the presence of independent observers. They are accused of being “Mohareb” or enemies of god which carries death sentence. Other charges are “Destablizing the Country”, “Attempt to Overthrow the Government”, “Possession of Home Made Bombs” and “Sabotage of Oil Installations”. However, no evidence has been presented. The government accused them of working as agents for the US, the UK and Israel, and claimed they have received training in Iraq. Again, the regime has failed to produce any evidence.